Can Serial Killers be Cured?

This article talks about whether or not serial killers can be cured on a psychological level. The psychologists who looked at the serial killers believes that they can not be cured.

What do you guys think? Can serial killers be cured?


American Dance Therapy Association

Hey all! I thought it was funny that I came across this. I’m in Baltimore, Maryland every weekend and this weekend in particular, my friend and I took a little road trip with no real destination in mind. We drove for a good 30 minutes before we ended up in Columbia, Maryland. While driving through this city, I saw the American Dance Therapy Association headquarters. I was not looking for it at all, but thought it was so funny to have just come across it. It was interesting to see something I have been studying for the past few months so close to home.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.01.58 PM

UCLA sex addiction study

UCLA researchers did a research on sex addiction. They gathered participants who were self proclaimed sex addicts and measured their brain waves by showing them pictures of sexual images. They found that the brain didn’t respond to the sexual images as they predicted it would if they were actually addicted to sex. This also supports the no side of sex addiction.

I am personally indecisive about whether or not sex is considered an addiction. Because of all the readings I’ve done, it makes it hard to make a decision especially since there isn’t too much evidence that supports the yes side argument of sex addiction.

Below shows the brain images done while the sexual images were being shown to participants.


The power of media

As our blog is coming to an end, I want to highlight a more general understanding of the media and the power that it has to promote positivity or negative, or to have a negative or positive affect. I hope that by looking at my blog post everyone has gotten a better understanding of the different areas that media can effect and have strong influence upon. However, although the media is very powerful, we ultimately have the power to influence what the media portrays. The different areas of the media portray what they believe what the consumer wants see. Therefore, we have the power. As a society, we must acknowledge our responsibility to hold the media accountable and ensure that it is educating the public in an effective way.

Qualities x Healthy Relationships

One very important rule when establishing a healthy relationship: Discuss things with one another, allow for differences of opinion and compromise equally.

I had to learn that compromise really is necessary in a relationship, my boyfriend and I are very different people, we have different opinions, we go about doing things differently and we are both very stubborn. But we realized in order for our relationship to work we had to respect those differences and compromise in a way that’s fair for the both of us so that no one feels like they’re being treated unfairly.