Definition of Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is the most common genetic disorder that is detected at birth  which occurs when a person has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21. An individual with this condition will typically have an intellectual disability, with an average IQ of 50, which is equivalent to an 8 or 9 year old child. Delayed development in speech is common, along with behavioral issues such as temper tantrums, obsessive compulsive disorder and having difficulty with paying attention. The physical features of a person with down syndrome are very distinct  in the facial characteristics, but vary in every individual.  The severity with health risks, development, and behavioral issues also varies in each individual.



  1. This is all true for the general population but we hope it won’t be true in the future! I do a neurodevelopmental program with my son and that combined with keeping tabs on his thyroid and eating well has him reaching milestones much sooner than the averages. Although I cannot boast amazing things yet as we started when he was 1.5 years, you can see that it works wonders when begun at birth, such as here:

  2. Unfortunately, your summary of the syndrome is fairly inaccurate and missing some very key ideas. First, IQ tests among people with Down syndrome are generally considered inaccurate and have fallen out of favor when it comes to evaluating intelligence. Also, most people with Down syndrome live highly functional, independent adult lives, hold jobs, graduate from high school, and some even attend post-secondary training. Some even attend college. While their characteristic physical features are prominent, people with Down syndrome tend to look more like their families than they do other people with Down syndrome. Temper tantrums and OCD are not considered “typical” of a person with Down syndrome and while there are people with Down syndrome who have OCD or throw a tantrum now and again, it’s not the norm. Please consult the National Down Syndrome Society for accurate information about this syndrome. Their website can be viewed at the following link:

      • Thank you. It’s important for people who are affected by Down syndrome to make sure that accurate information is available. We, as a community, are trying very hard to ensure that new parents, educators, medical professionals, and the general public know that the future is not bleak for someone with a disability as it may have been many years ago. A recent study has shown that 99% of people with Ds as very happy with their life. That is an important statistic to share.

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