Treatment Options

When surveyed, it was found that 100% of the people that responded did not know the treatment options available for bipolar disorder. In this post today I am going to describe some of the most common treatment options in order to better inform everyone and make you more aware. Medications are often always part of the treatment options for people with bipolar disorder. Mood stabilizers are often prescribed to help manage the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Mood stabilizers are older medications that are reliable and well-tolerated by most people who use them. These medications used to be the first-line treatment but have been replaced by more modern atypical antipsychotics. Atypical antipsychotics are newer and more expensive medications that are used to treat bipolar disorder. They usually provide more symptom relief but they also have greater side effects. Atypical antipsychotics work differently than traditional antipsychotics because they don’t only help people with psychosis. They have been proven to have mood stabilizing properties. These medications will help their mood swings to be less frequent and less intense. As with all medications, there are side effects. Two common side effects of these medications are weight gain and drowsiness. Weight gain is a serious issues because it can lead to Type II diabetes so people taking atypical antipsychotic medications should be monitored by their primary doctor.

Psychotherapy and self-help strategies are also used to help someone with bipolar disorder become stabilized and prevent relapse.

Normally a combination of these treatments are used. Each treatment will affect each person differently and trial and error are often used to find the perfect treatment!


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