Myths About Phobias

Here are some common urban legends surrounding phobias:
1. You are born with the phobia(s) you have.
Well, no, you actually must develop them – they are an irrational, learned fear which is exaggerated. We are born with an innate fear of falling and loud noises. That’s why babies respond to walking over glass floors, and have a startle reflex when you clap loudly. But, they aren’t phobic responses, they are for self-preservation.
2. Phobias cannot be cured, they can only be managed.
Wrong again, and I can prove it because I have helped people lose their phobias, and it all started for me when I lost my fear of heights and swimming/deep water.

3. Phobias can be genetically passed down generations.
Well, there is an element of truth in this, but it’s not genetic. Fears may be passed on from generation to generation as learned habits – that’s very different to them being in the genes, or of someone being genetically disposed to the phobia. A mother may pass on her fear of spiders in the same way she passes on her method for making apple pie – which was the way her mother taught her.

4. Avoidance of the phobic subject or situation is the best way of managing it.
If you have a phobia of flying, and you never want ot need to go flying, then by all means just avoid it. But if it’s limiting your ability to do the things in life you want to, then why avoid it, when you can cure it?

5. Curing a phobia will take hours of psychotherapy.
You can go down that route, and spend a considerable amount of money in the process (I know rates can go from £100-£500 per hour for such services, and sometimes for 10-15 weeks. Or you can cure it using Rapid Phobia Cure, generally in less than 60 minutes.


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