Bipolar II Disorder

People with bipolar II disorder experience their mood cycling between a low/depressed state and a high/elevated state. However, they do not experience the full symptoms of mania that include delusions and hallucinations. People with bipolar II disorder experience something called hypomania. Hypomania is a type of mania that has much more mild symptoms than full on mania. Although, these people don’t experience the severe highs and severe lows, they still experience moods thatĀ are severely disruptive to their life. Symptoms of hypomania may be hard to detect because they may just seem like a positive change in mood especially is a period of depression has just ended. Hypomania can cause the person to feel energetic, outgoing, creative, funny, or sexy. These symptoms, however, are much more than a positive change in mood. They are a sign of the disease and if they aren’t detected and treated, they will get worse. Bipolar II disorder is uncommon and the cases that do exist have found much success from combining medications with psychological treatments.



  1. It’s more common in Bipolar II for the depressions to last longer and be much more severe than Bipolar I. Another point worth making is that Bipolar II can progress and evolve into Bipolar I if left untreated.

    All the best,

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