U Penn Suicides

A friend of mine who attends U Penn posted this link on Facebook. It talks about how Madison Holleran committed suicide and how there were three others.  This school clearly doesn’t talk about these suicides because I have only heard of Madison’s suicide. Madison committed suicide about a mile and a half outside of Penn’s campus in Center City. After reading this article it does show how much pressure is put on college students, especially in an ivy league school. There is a lot of pressure on trying to pick the right school and the right major.

The Tragedy of Madison Holleran and Suicides at Penn



  1. I’ve recently seen alot of posting about the U Penn student Madison Holleran and I think it is heart breaking that such a young, talented girl felt pressured enough to commit suicide. Something should be down at the colleges wether it is a class or have the teachers help to have the students feel less stressed and more relaxed.

  2. It is true that many students feel pressured in choosing the right colleges and majors and it is rather unfortunate that it goes as far as causing a student to commit suicide. I think the demands of society, expectations of families and our own selves can contribute to the level of stress and pressure a student experiences.

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