Common Misconceptions

Here are some common misconceptions about Bipolar Disorder!!


INDIVIDUALS CAUSE THEIR DISORDER: bipolar disorder is actually caused by genetic, biological, and environmental factors so therefore people can not cause themselves to have bipolar disorder.

YOU CAN WILL YOURSELF OUT OF MOOD SWINGS: people who suffer from bipolar disorder will not grow out of it nor can they fix it themselves. Bipolar disorder requires medical treatment and psychotherapy.

YOU’LL NEVER BE NORMAL: although people who suffer from bipolar disorder may have to becomes adjusted to certain changes that others do not, bipolar disorder doesn’t have to stop them from achieving their dreams.

BIPOLAR IS EASY TO DIAGNOSE: it is actually very difficult for an individual to diagnose themselves with bipolar disorder. It is very difficult to be objective about ourselves. We may think that we are having clever and confidant ideas about a business venture but in reality we are suffering from  grandiose and manic behavior.

MEDICAL TREATMENT IS WORSE THAN THE DISORDER: some people are afraid of medication but you don’t get hooked on it like you would a street drug and medication is key for treating bipolar disorder.




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