Children with Down Syndrome have federal laws protecting their rights to have an education in the public school systems just like everyone else from preschool age to age 21. Their cognitive and physical development is delayed, in most cases, wether it be mild to severe, but like all children they learn at their own pace. Inclusion in the classroom is no longer rare in the United States, in fact it is seen all over and is very popular in the school systems today. The National Advocate for People with Down Syndrome website states that inclusion is the practice of welcoming, valuing, empowering and supporting diverse academic and social learning among students of all abilities. Inclusion in the classroom does not end at age 21 for children with Down Syndrome though, college is still an option. Here is a video of a young man who got accepted into college.



  1. I think it’s great that people with Down syndrome are included in the classroom with all of the other students instead of being segregated into a different classroom. This will help with their social skills. Great post! So happy to see him accepted into college!

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