Bullying and Suicide and Why It Hits Home For Me

Hey everyone,

I wanted to tell you guys why I choose my topic. It is something that hits close to home for me, because it is something that my oldest niece, Savv, had to deal with growing up. My sister made the choice of homeschooling all of her kids. So when Savv was in 6th grade, that was the first time she stepped foot into a school. Middle school in my opinion is when people start to get clicky and get catty as well too. At this point in her life, Savv was a four-eyed, brace-face new girl, going into a school, where she knew no one. She got made fun everyday all day, because not only was she the new girl, but she never went to school. They made fun of her for how she dressed, how she acted, she had a slight speech impediment, and having glasses and braces did not help her either. Save became very distant from my sister and myself. She would tell us everything no matter what it was, from what her feelings were or something she read. One day she locked herself in the bathroom for a long time. My sister did not think anything of it. An hour passed and my sister got concerned, so my brother in law busted the door down. They found my niece on the floor in tears with a razor blade in her hand. When I got the call about this, I was in tears because none of us thought that this could happen. Well it did. Savv started going to therapy and getting all the help she needed. She knew she had my support and the rest of my family’s as well. Now she is a Junior at Bishop Shanahan and is little miss social butterfly. With the right support anyone can get through bullying and suicide.


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