improve your mental health

Are you feeling overwhelmed just four weeks into the semester? Unsure of what healthy activity to do to take your mind out of school for a bit? I have a solution that just might work for you. It’s called exercise. Ugh, I know that dreadful word. I used to hate it to. I know what your thinking..”how can i possibly fit exercise into my already crazy schedule?” or “I don’t want to exercise because then I’m too exhausted to get my school work done.” I have heard them all, and I am also guilty of these statements. But what if I told you that exercise could actually IMPROVE your concentration, focus, and mood; along with reducing your stress and anxiety levels.

I suffer from anxiety and depression. I never believed my therapist when she told me exercise was just as important as me taking my medication daily, until I saw exactly what she meant. I got into a routine, even if it was just a half hour of walking a day, and slowly increased my physical activity. By the end of the first few months I saw an improvement in my grades, my overall stress level and a reduction in panic attacks. After several months, I began to feel more self-confident. These changes do not happen over night. It takes hard work and dedication. What is most important is just getting up and moving. No matter what type of moving it is. Make it fun!

Below I provided an article to that discusses what exercise does for our mental health along with another article that suggests different ways of being active if you do not want to go into a gym.

Happy Reading !


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