The Effects of Pet Therapy

Hello, for my weekly blogs I’m going to be talking about the effects an animal can have on a person’s mood. Neumann offers days during finals week where dogs come and students can just hang out with them. It’s so apparent that there is a decrease in stress during the time seeing those animals. I’m interested in finding out why animals have that effect on people and can brighten any mood. Here is a video of the general effects that people who are in the hospital experience when they have a dog come visit them.



  1. This video was so beautiful. I am a huge dog lover and I know just giving my puppies hug and kisses makes my whole day better! I cannot imagine the positive effect it has on patients. Thank you for sharing! I am so glad someone choose this topic!

  2. Not only did I love this video, but I love your topic in general. This video really showed the pure joy and positive distraction pets have on people. Whether pet therapy helps people in hospitals like your video, or just someone having a bad day in general. For years my aunts life seemed to be going down hill so over winter break I told her the loneliness and depression you feel inside might go away if you consider going to look at a puppy. Not even days later did we go and look at puppies. She fell inlove with a bishon and couldn’t be more happy with her life. I’m excited to show her more of the positive affects through your blog because not only is she so happy to have the sweetest baby pup by her side, but she now loves researching all about dogs.

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