what is normal behavior in kids

Hi, Everyone

I’ve chose this topic due to personal experiences in the child care field. I’ve notice in today’s society challenges behavior are becoming more of an issue. One reason why challenges/non normal behaviors are an issue is because of safety. But, also teachers are not trained to deal with students who may struggle with their behavior. One of the concerns was always how do you determine what is or not normal behavior in children? Does anything have a clue?  The definition for behavior is the way one acts or conduct themselves. For example normal behavior for a pre school if he/she is anger may be having a temper tantrum.  Not normal behavior for a preschooler if he/she is anger can consist of  physical aggression that may put themselves or others in danger.  I would like to get you guys feedback ? Or has anyone experience abnormal/non normal behaviors in children?


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  1. This is a very interesting topic and I can relate to it because I have worked at a summer camp for a few years. I have learned quickly that kids have a different behaviors and ways of handling certain things. Its very important to be aware of how to care for children and help them distinguish between right and wrong in a way that is easiest for them to understand. I’m excited to see what further information you are able to find on this topic.

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