How Eating Disorders affects the brain

Throughout the years many researchers and scientists have studied the affects of eating disorders and the brain. What they found is that when a person suffers from an eating disorder so does their nervous system. Some of the things that eating disorders can cause are disruptions in neurotransmitters, reduced heart rate, which could deprive the brain from oxygen, and nerve related conditions such as seizures. These disorders do not just affect a person physically but emotionally as well. People think that these disorders only take a physical toll on people, but this statement is very wrong. When suffering from these diseases a person is putting their body in great danger. The brain is a very fragile part of our body, and eating disorders cause our brain to not function fully. What scientist fear most is that the brain might be able to fully recover after the damages eating disorders have caused it. Below I will attach a link and this link talks more about how each disorder affects the brain, and certain research that has been done to prove these theories. Hope you guys enjoy!


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