Deaf Culture

Just about every morning I make my daily stop to Dunkin Donuts to get a small caramel macchiato. As I am in the drive through or when I decide to go in and stand in line I see many Neumann students along with me getting their favorite drinks and sandwiches. Imagine going to Dunkin Donuts one morning like you always do and the cashier refuses to serve you. This happened to a lady in Massachusetts. Her name is Jessica Sanzillo. She is deaf so she would always use the DD app to make her order and pick it up at the drive through. One day she did not use the app and decided to go through the drive through to make her order. She was refused service because she did not use the speaker.

As a result of this, many people in her community went through the drive through acting as if they were deaf to see how the Dunkin Donuts employees handled deaf customers. Deaf and hearing people also rallied in Jessica’s defense.

Dunkin Donuts did apologize for the incident, but that does not make it right.

Below is the article:




  1. I really liked your comparison to neumanns dunkin donuts because us nuemann students are definitely always at DD! Your example really made me interested in the article which was crazy to me. Of course its crazy to me because as a business, whether it goes against your rules or not, you should always make your costumers happy. What was really crazy to me is that, Jessica was probably feeling really confident that day so she wanted to take on a task that hearing people do and to be shot down that hard like that, will probably make it hard for her to do something like that again.

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