Eating Disorders

This video shows exactly how the environment can affect people with eating disorders. These sisters are constantly competing with one another to make sure they are not considered the “Fat twin”. They know they are too skinny, but their brain is telling them they can not gain weight. Their brain is now trained to believe that food is bad, and not eating is good. They do not feel sick anymore because their body has gotten used to being deprived, and when they do eat they get sick. This video shows how these disorders are not just physical but mental as well, and these disorders do affect the brain in a negative way.




  1. This was a very powerful video, and it definitely shows how people with eating disorders really struggle. It was so apparent on the show that the girls were extremely upset about the condition they were in and they wanted it to be better. That just show how strong the mind is in everything we do and when something is wrong mentally, it definitely isn’t easy to fix. I hope those girls were able to get better. Also I am excited to see your posts throughout the semester and learn more about this topic.

  2. I can agree with how powerful that video was. I felt really awful for those twins but I also felt really happy with how they were swallowing their pride to say they weren’t okay. I also was nervous when they brought up an old photo with the twins looking a little bigger but 100% healthier. The only reason why I was nervous was because I wasn’t expecting them to say that’s when they were happier. I was nervous they were going to think they’re too big because how their discussion in the beginning was when the one twin thought she looked fine for being how skinny she was.

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