Is It Ever OK To Go Through Your Partner’s Phone?

Is it right or wrong to snoop through your partner’s phone? Going through your partner’s phone without them knowing has been a huge topic, one that holds many different views and results in many different consequences. But whether its right or wrong may not be so black and white, and whether you’re worried that your partner is up to no good or you’re just curious as to what they’ve been doing, snooping may result in more negative consequences than you realize.

Here’s an article that goes more in-depth on the topic, I hope you find it interesting!






  1. I think it is never acceptable to go through a partners phone because it breaks trust and alters how you feel about them. If you feel like you can’t trust your partner enough not to go through their phone then maybe you shouldn’t be with them.

  2. I really liked this article, not only because it really talks about deep feelings when it comes to this hot topic, but because of how on point the meme descriptions are (of course how funny they are too). I can see both sides of this subject when it comes to looking through your partners phone. Social media is so addicting in general these days, and with how easy it is for anyone in this world to be sneaky whether you love them or not, you’re always going to wonder what any ones doing on their phone. If your partners sleeping and you’re wide awake, there’s a difference between curiosity and not trusting. A lot of times its usually not that you don’t trust your boyfriend, but not many can admit that they don’t trust themselves.

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