A Dog Can Sense Emotion

I have a dog and I have this feeling that she can tell when I’m upset in anyway. There are times where she will just come and lay by my side. So I was pretty curious if dogs really are able to determine our emotions. There have been studies done to test this theory of whether dogs; as well as, other animals can pick up on emotions. At the University of Lincoln and the University of San Paulo, researchers did a study where they  wanted to see if a dog’s ability to sense emotion was genetic or just a learned ability. To do this, they gathered dogs who had no training with the images and sounds used in the experiment. The dogs were shown pictures of peoples’ faces with different emotions. They also heard peoples’ vocals portraying different emotions. The dogs were able to look at the face that matched the sound they were hearing. Since the dogs were able to use both sight and sound to figure out a person’s emotions, it shows that its an intrinsic ability and not just something that comes with training. This can explain why they are so good at making us feel better when we are sad. They are able to look at our emotion and act on that to make us happy.



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