Mind Tricks

Your mind is capable of many powerful things.  For instance your mind can make you healthier or sick, depending on your train of thought.  The way you think can dictate how you feel.  Your emotions work just as though they were the foods that you eat.  Whether your emotions are of excitiement or despair, they can affect your stomach.  When you are excited you get a rumble in your stomach and an uncontrollable thrill feeling, as where if you were nervous you might get butterflies and your thoughts alone can cause flatulence just by thought. Placebo’s also rely on the mind thought to trick your body into feeling alright.  Placebo’s are used by researcher and doctors to test drugs, but the placebo is used as the control and the placebo pills are typically sugar pills and actually have no effect on patients.  Some studies even show that when participants were blindfolded and believed they were going to receive a burn on their arm, the spot on the arm started to get red as if being burned although the participants were never actually burned at all.  This shows the power of the mind on it’s own body.

One can literally make themselves sick from believing into a disease.  When someone believes they have a disease or they believe that they might get the disease, the body can actually begin to show symptoms of the feared disease.  This is due to constant thought influencing your bodies reactions.  Your life can be happier and healthier, simply just by understanding your mind.

Studies often show how your mind can negatively be effected by thought, but we don’t often think about this in a positive light.  Aside from the positive affects from placebo pills, we tend to focus on the negative effects from thinking.  If we take a second to realize, if our mind can be effected negatively, then maybe we can do something about it and effect it positively on our own as well.  By thinking positive and focusing on positive thoughts, you can become happier and perform tasks better, because your mind is in a better working position.  A great way to practice positive thinking is to write down a few things a day when you wake up and when you go to sleep.  These must be positive thoughts in order for this to work.  Even if you feel yourself having trouble seeing the positivity throughout each day, this is a simple way to practice positive thinking.  For me I am very quick to think of the worst possible outcome and dwell upon negative thoughts, but I started writing positive things down every day; even if it is as simple as waking up and and maybe not being sick.  Just thinking positively instead of negative can change your mood and relay to your performance.  This is just a simple tip to stay positive, because if you don’t focus your positivity, your mind can trick you into feeling bad.


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