Integrating dance therapy across the lifespan

I wanted to show you all that dance and movement therapy can be spread across all ages. It integrates an individuals feelings and emotions along with music to help them to relieve psychological or physical problems one might be going through.

As Robyn Lending Halsten, a dance movement therapist, claims in the video (around 2:45), Dance movement therapy can be misconstrued in ways that people think this therapy is just about getting up and moving your body, when in reality, it is much more than that. This therapy technique uses everyday movements to help individuals become more aware of their mind and body.

Throughout the course of this video, the two therapists follow a young 5 year old girl with anger issues (pictured in thumbnail of video). Her mother explains that she was problematic and would constantly leave marks and bruises on herself and others. By continuing with therapy, the little girl was allowed to move around and express her anger in ways that she couldn’t at home. Towards the end of the video, it was found with having dance incorporated in her everyday life, she could let go of her anger and frustration in a healthy way without hurting others in the process.


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