DSM-V Update

In the new edition of the DSM-V there was an important update where they replaced the term “Gender Identity Disorder” with “Gender Dysphoria.” This change was especially significant because it took away the idea of labeling all transgender people as “mentally ill,” where, in reality, someone who is transgender should not be assigned a mental illness status if it does not apply to them. Gender dysphoria is where there is a disconnect between someones gender identity/expression and their assigned gender at birth. Here’s an article that talks about the issue more in-depth:



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  1. I think that gender identity confusion also can have a lot to do with the way people were brought up. I know the show “shamless” on netflix is not the best example. However, I recently watched and episode where a little “girl” Molly was convinced she was a little girl but just had a penis. This went on until Fiona (the caretaker) told her that she was not a girl, her mother just made her believe she was because her mother had always wanted girl. It is sad, but I do think this can happen. Interesting post and article !

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