A woman with six personalities

When I asked in my poll if some of you would be afraid to meet a person with multiple personalities, the poll voted that a majority of people said “yes.”

As I said before, there are many people who have this disorder and live a non-criminal, normal life. Here is a video of a woman who really isn’t scary at all or intimidating. She has six personalities and even has a Husband. This video might make you feel differently about DID for those who clicked “yes” to being afraid of someone with multiple personalities. To me this woman made me feel comfortable and okay learning about the less scary side of a person with DID. I also enjoyed hearing what her husband had to say and the lifestyle he lives when it comes to his wife.



  1. I thought this was a really great video, and it really showed what you were trying to tell us. While watching this video I saw a different side of people with multiple personalities, and it really made me think. It showed me that people who suffer from this can live normal lives, and are not always monsters that the media makes them out to be. I think that this is a great video and I hope everyone watches it!

  2. I think that often times media is to blame. Not to say the new movie SPLIT does not look interesting, but I don’t think it is fair to people dealing with this metal health disorder to be portrayed in such a frightening manor. I think mental illness is apart of our norm nowadays and I think it needs to be brought to the light more and people need to not be scared or judgmental. I am really happy that someone chose this topic !
    Amber Dvorak

  3. There is definitely a huge stigma around those with dissociative identity disorder and that they are dangerous. I feel as though this might have been worsened by the movie “Split,” especially for those that don’t have any understanding of people with mental illnesses. Seeing a movie like that can put a lot if different, negative ideas in someones mind about not only those with DID, but also those with mental illnesses.

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