Does exercise just improve focus for adults or can it help children also?

Happy Snow Day Everyone!

Yes, it is a snow day and I am already awake. I just got back from my 6am Crossfit class and the owner and I had such an interesting conversation about focus/concentration and exercise. She was telling me that she heard about a program where children participated in Crossfit for 45 minutes and then got tutoring immediately after. I thought this was such a fascinating idea and I had to come home and blog about it.

The answer to my question above is YES! Studies show that having a child partake in exercise on a daily basis or even right before sitting down to do an assignment will increase their focus and limit decrease their chances of getting distracted.

“Children in the exercise group also demonstrated substantial increases in “attentional inhibition” – a measure of their ability to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand. And they improved in “cognitive flexibility,” which involves switching between intellectual tasks while maintaining speed and accuracy.”

I have provided the link below. It is pretty interesting and I think it could help a lot of parents knowing what to do to get their children to focus better. I think this is HUGE because electronics are a big problem with children these days. If we can get children up an about a few times a week it can really help decrease their amount of concentration loss.



  1. This is interesting especially for a parent such as myself. The focus and energy that is used to exercise is probably transmitted to assignments and homework tasks. However, I wonder if there is a limit to how long the focus may last depending on the amount of exercise. For example, I think that a child that exercises for 15 minutes may be focused longer and less distracted that a child who exercised for 30-45 minutes due to fatigue.

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