The Most Common Developmental Disability is…

In a previous post, I asked what the most common developmental disability was. Most say it was autism, but… the most common developmental disorder is Mental Retardation, also known as intellectual disability.

Intellectual disability is a developmental disorder that affects individuals under the age of 18, mostly from childhood to adolescents.

There are four known levels of intellectual disability:

  1. Mild
    • IQ score between 50-75
    • Academic skills in a sixth-grade level
  2. Moderate
    • IQ score between 35-55
    • Are able to live on their own with some kind of supervision
  3. Severe
    • IQ score between 20-40
    • Master in basic self-care skills
    • Able to live in a group home
  4. Profound
    • IQ score under 20-25
    • Disability comes with a neurological disorder
    • High-level of supervision

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