A slap is not just a slap…

In my previous post, I asked do you think it is ever OK to become physical when in confrontation with your partner. Most people voted the appropriate response which would be no, but in most cases, abusive relationships don’t start as such. It begins with something minor like a smack or a push that you try and justify by saying “oh, it was just a push” or “it was just a smack” and you begin to make excuses to make what you did seem at least understandable. People don’t tend to think of such actions as abuse, just an impulsive mistake that only happened because they were so heated. But is there ever really a time, in which hitting your partner becomes acceptable?  Even if it’s just a slap or just a push. The problem with trying to reason with yourself as to why what you did wasn’t that big a deal, is because actions like a slap or push are gateway actions that if not stopped eventually lead to something much worst and destructive for everyone involved.

Here is an article that talks about why it is so important not to let these behaviors persist because no matter how minor you think it might be it is still a form of physical abuse and will eventually lead to something much more catastrophic.

Link below. I hope you find this article insightful!



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  1. Physical abuse is definitely a huge problem in romantic relationships. Sometimes I think that it can even be started by emotional/mental abuse. When that isn’t enough for the abuser I think that it can turn physical at that point. There are definitely signs people need to be aware of so that a relationship doesn’t have to become abusive and it’s great that you find an article on it and why to not let it continue!

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