Practicing Positivity

Sometimes throughout a stressful day of work, class, or running errands, it is important to stay positive throughout the day.  The days seem to drag on once in a while and you might become irritable at times.  There are easy ways to practice staying positive and keeping a positive mindset through the day.  When you are angry your mind becomes narrow, as in not as open-minded; the answers don’t come as clear to you and it becomes hard to continue with your daily tasks.  By practicing positivity, you can trick your mind into staying positive and over all enhance your work performance.

One of the first ways to practice positivity is simple. Each day think of five or more good things that happened throughout the day.  If you didn’t do anything exciting throughout the day that’s fine, you can think of things that are positive as simple as just waking up and living another day.  Just simple positive ideas like that or even if it is a positive idea such as having a loved one that is still with you today or anything to be grateful for.  Practicing positive thinking will help your mind stay positive and help you function daily.

One other way that is good to practice positive thinking, is visualizing your success.  Anything you visualize is possible, it is just a matter of putting in the work to make it possible.  This is actually a technique practiced by many professional athletes; they would meditate and visualize them performing in a big moment and the brain actually responds as if they were actually in that position physically performing the task.  This mental practice helps them to relax and stay focused and under control when they finally do make a big moment play or an intense game.  Practice positivity, the mind is very powerful, but it can be tricked to work towards your abilities – Stay positive!


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