Sign Language

Sign language is the way that most deaf people communicate. It is a very unique way of speaking to someone because you are solely using your hands and facial expressions. Personally I was very interested in how babies do and learn sign language. A baby should start being taught to sign around 6-9 months. I think it is very cool to see babies doing sign language because I can hardly sign a complete sentence.  I plan to teach my future child/ren to sign.

Below is a video of twin baby girls doing sign language’


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  1. It’s great seeing children being able to sign so young. I think it is also definitely something that should be more widely taught and that everyone should at least have a basic foundation of it. I also have heard that there are instances when deaf children are forbidden to use ASL by their hearing parents because they want them to learn how to lip read and communicate “normally.” However, I know that usually isn’t the case thankfully.

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