The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac killer is one of the most famous serial killers to ever live, and never be caught. This trailer gives you a look into the entire unsolved case of the Zodiac killer and his crimes. What made this case more famous then the others is the joy ride he took the media, police, and the entire country one while he brutally murdered at least 37 people. This case fascinated everyone who can across  it. How could someone do these murders, toy with the police and media, and never make enough mistakes to incriminate himself. This case managed  to take the entire country on a roller coaster of fear and terror. This is a prime example of just how terrifying serial killers can be.


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  1. I have actually seen this movie and I love it ! It is crazy too me how someone can kill people over and over again and never get caught. Serial Killers are very fascinating to me. I suggest checking out the channel ID (Investigation Discovery). They have countless stories about serial killers and mass murderers. I think you would find it very intriguing.

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