The movie Split

I was really happy to see comments under my YouTube video of the woman with 6 personalities and how the move Split was brought up. Your opinions all really help me form more idea’s to talk about so ill never take offence to the open deep comments  !

First I want to say the reason why I was so blunt with asking how many people are scared of this disorder, is because I feel someone should never be afraid of someone else with this disorder either, but realistically I know there are people out there that are. Unless anyone has researched the actual disoder, I thought this would be a good blog to help people understand the positive rather than be mad at them for hearing the negativity through social media. I’m a criminal justice major so don’t get me wrong, I’m very intrigued by the people who have this disorder who are violent, but in order to get people to feel intrigued rather than scared, I wanted to post videos of pure genuine people with DID.

As for the movie split, I found an article that proves just why people shouldn’t be afraid of other people with DID even after seeing this movie.

There are two parts in the article that stood out to me in a positive way abou the movie.

“”people with DID, who may represent over 1% of Americans, are rarely violent. Research has shown that they are far more likely to hurt themselves than to hurt others.
But movies tend to portray only “the most extreme aspects” of the disorder”
“The movie portrays the negative side of something in which many have found positives, according to experts and people living with DID.
“The brain is amazing that it’s able to do this,” said Peterson, a mother of four.
Though Peterson no longer has alters, she credits them with getting her through traumatic periods in her life and said she understands the role they play for many people with DID.
“They are some of the strongest, most big-hearted people you will ever meet,” she said. “And you know some of them.””


  1. This was a great article, I think it really proves what you are trying to share with all of us. The media portrays people with these certain disorders as dangerous, murderers, when in reality most of these people are not violent. They struggle everyday to try and live a normal life, and I can not imagine being stereotyped all the time as a psychopath or serial killer. I feel that everyone should take a look at this article, because it reminded me to not always believe the media. That these are human beings with feelings, and they are not going to hurt us like the movie split portrays. Great article and Blog!

  2. I found this so interesting ! I think it is so amazing how the brain can do this. Honestly I do not wish this disorder on anyone, but when it comes to dramatic events, the fact that the brain can almost block these out is quite helpful. I think if treated properly a person living with DID can live a pretty normal life

  3. I recently saw “Split” and it definitely was crazy in that it showed how every personality has a mind of its’ own. The fact that someone with DID can have 20 personalities within themselves and their brain can almost block it out is amazing to me. This was such an interesting post to read.

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