10 facts about the deaf culture and sign language

  1. There is a different sign language for every country.
  2. Not all deaf people would like to be hearing.
  3. ASL(American Sign Language) is not just a signed form of English. It has its own vocabulary, word order and style.
  4. Deaf babies babble in sign language just like hearing babies babble in speech.
  5. ASL uses certain facial expressions for certain words and meanings.
  6. Deaf children have created their own sign languages.
  7. Even trained lip readers can only understand 30% of speech.
  8. Gallaudet University  In  Washington D.C  teaches most of its courses in American sign language.
  9.  Hearing children with deaf parents learn to speak just like children with hearing parents. They will likely grow up bilingual.
  10. Deaf people have safer driving records than hearing people nationally.


  1. Your last fact about deaf drivers being safer drivers then hearing drivers does actually make a lot of sense and I can understand that because this probably causes them to be even more aware of their surroundings and much more focused.

  2. I think it’s very true that not all deaf people would like to hear. I really wasn’t aware of how major the deaf community was, but i find it extremely interesting. I just recently found out that this really amazing dancer is deaf, and he kind of based his whole career around it, and he makes videos dancing and signing to music. Deaf people seem to make the most out of their impairment.

  3. Your first fact about there being a different sign language for each country is very interesting to me — I would have never guessed that this existed, but am intrigued that is does. Although it definitely does makes sense that since we have different speaking languages, we could have different sign languages.

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