If you guys are having a busy or stressful week, here is a little video that will hopefully cheer you up. I personally love watching videos about animals and I find that they really help me forget about my stress for a little. The life of a pet can be very simple and its nice to see something that might not be experiencing the same stress we are. Hopfully you find the same joy from this video that I did watching it and I would love for you to say how you felt by using the poll.



  1. I loved this video even more because I related a lot to what you wrote! There’s a lot of cute animal videos like this all over Facebook and I always find myself looking at so many of them before I fall asleep and then afterwards feeling less stressed and able to fall asleep

  2. I love this video so much! I am obsessed with animals and this just made my day! I recently just got a new puppy and I love him. It’s so true that animals make you feel relaxed and calm, well for me atleast! Watching this I just smiled and laughed the whole time, I forgot about everything else for just a minute and it was really nice!

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