Former Dairy Queen manager charged with manslaughter in bullied teen’s suicide

A former Dairy Queen manager accused of bullying, Kenny Suttner, 17, to the point that he took his own life has now been charged with involuntary manslaughter, following the suicide of her former employee just days before Christmas. Kenny died on December 21, 2016 after he committed suicide outside of his home in Glasgow, Missouri. During Kenny’s time at Dairy Queen there was a specific time that he was standing next to the fryers that had hot grease in them and a cheeseburger was thrown at him and there were some disparaging remarks made to him about do it right or get out. Also another thing that happened to him was, that some witnesses testified that Kenny was also forced to lie on his stomach on the floor in order to clean under machines that could be moved, but he was forced to do it on his stomach.


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