Personal Reflection

I chose this topic because last year Cancer has affected our lives drastically. Back in February 2016 my nephew who was only 17 months at the time was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia from that very moment we knew that our life would change. We never had a family member who suffered from cancer, so we weren’t really aware of how the treatment or even the recovery stage would be. So he had to stay in the hospital starting March 2016 to start his chemo, but the real changes didn’t start until May 2016 when he had to get his transplant. From February 2016  through May 2016 he still seemed and looked like a healthy baby, he wasn’t losing hair or anything so we all just had faith that he would recover in no time, but sadly that was not the case. As months went on although he had the transplant that is supposed to make him better seemed as if he was only getting worst. So he continued his recovery stage in the hospital, but we really just wanted to be able to bring him home. In December 2016 the week before Christmas after living in the hospital since March it was such a blessing to finally be able to bring him home, but this was the start of a even bigger change. Although he was out of the hospital the recovery stage still has so many rule. He’s not allowed to be around people besides the people that lives in the house with him. If someone did want to visit him they would have to wear a face mask. He’s on a feeding tube, and has to take several medicines a day. So taking care of him is really a full time job. So since he has been home my whole family just had to switch all of our work and school schedules around so that he is able to be taking care of at all times of the day by at least one of us. I can honestly say that I never imagine when a person is going through the recovery stage with cancer could be 3 times worst then just going through the cancer treatment.


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