Women can be abusive too.

Everyone knows men should not hit women. Physically, women weaker than men, they have more muscle mass than us etc. It’s pretty much known universally speaking that men should not put their hands-on women, and could suffer real consequences if they do. But what is often times overlooked is the fact the women know this, and sometimes use this knowledge to their advantage by becoming physical with men without sufficient cause like self-defense. Yes, some men claim to like feisty women and they find it attractive. But feisty and abusive are very different. Men don’t find it attractive to be hit by women, and yes sometimes things get heated and they make you extremely upset but it’s never acceptable to physical harm someone because of that. Women cannot hit men just because they know they won’t hit back.

Here is an article by Chris Norris who talks about personal past experiences and the experiences of friends who were hit by their girlfriends, how they felt, and where the relationships went from there. It’s a very interesting read! Link below:




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