People claim they can do more than one thing at a time, but when we try to do all these things we tend to mess something up.  So the question is, can man multi-task?  The brain is a strong tool for mankind, but we don’t always undertsnad it.  To answer the question, yes our brain can multi-task; but that does not mean people can necessarily multi-task.

When we look at the brain, it doesn’t look to be doing much of anything, but inside information is passed, recorded, interpreted and relayed throughout the brain.  This helps the brain communicate to the rest of the body to help you perform the tasks you need to.  Therefore, your brain is multi-tasking because it is controlling everything you do at one single moment.  But why is it so hard for people to multi-task.  A simple way of showing how we physically can not focus on two things simultaneously:  Think of a single rabbit, and then separately think of an elephant.  After you have an image of a rabbit and an image of an elephant in mind, try to think of both at the same exact time.  You might feel like you are doing it, but really your mind is switching between a picture of a rabbit and a picture of an elephant, but you can not see both images at one time, your mind just jumps back and forth between the two.

Another example of how we physically can not multi-task: Pick a spot on one side of the room and focus on it, then pick a spot on the opposite side of the room and try to follow an imaginary line from one point to the other.  You can see both points that you’re looking at, but that is about it, because your eyes can not scroll smoothly in a straight line.  You need a point to focus on so your eyes jump from one point to the other, so when you are scanning across the room from one point to the other, as you turn your head and move your eyes fluently, your eyes still have to stop slightly as you focus on different points along the wall from one spot to the other.


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