Benefits and Tips

I am posting a second video this week and in this video it discusses, through a fun animation, some of the benefits of spending time with animals. What I liked most about this video, is that it explains how we can spend time with animals even if we don’t have a pet. One method was to visit an animal shelter. This is something that I’ve had the pleasure of doing and it really is beneficial to both the person and the animal. It can help relieve the individual from stress and the animal is able to enjoy time playing and being pet by someone. While the point of an animal shelter is a place to adopt animals, for those that are unable to have a pet, its good to go and just spend time with the animals.




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  1. I found this video fun and interesting. I liked how it showed that just being around animals or petting them can improve health problems and take stress away. I think it’s awesome to know that anyone can get animal therapy without investing in a pet of their own.

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