Binding and Mental Health

While Buzzfeed may not be the most reliable new source, I thought they did a nice job of summarizing a study that they reported on on the mental health benefits of binding for trans people. The actual study is cited in the article if anybody would like to learn more about it. Binding is the flattening of the chest to try and create a more “masculine” look. There are many different methods to achieving this look, however many of them are unsafe. For trans people who do not have the money to afford binders they can use unsafe methods of binding like duct tape and ace bandages. The use of ace bandages is a common misconception that tends to be portrayed by the media, but is not something that should be replicated. There are now several companies that are run by trans people that produce binders that safely will bind an individuals chest.


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  1. I really enjoyed this article. I agree that buzzfeed isn’t always reliable but I think they always seen to do an interesting job of putting a creative spin on things and really challenging the social norms. Also, as a women I could not imagine wearing one of those, it must be painful. But the thought popped into my head that women kind of do the same thing when wearing sports bras, although unintentional, or for sports related activities it is almost the same thing.

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