Bullying and Suicide Attempts Among Adolescents Kept in Custody

No one never thinks about the adolescents who are in custody and what they must be going through. There is that automatic assumption that they are bad kids because of the crimes they have committed. Kiriakidis (2008), designed a correlational study to examine the links between bullying and suicide attempts among young adolescents that were kept in custody. The participants were one hundred and fifty-two male delinquents between the ages of 16 to 21 years-old. All the participants were from an institution in Scotland. Kiriakidis (2008), conducted a structured demographic interview, that was performed by the same researcher. The researcher talking to the adolescents, measured the amount of suicide attempts by asking the following question, “Have you ever attempted suicide in custody?” (Kiriakidis, 2008). After completion of the study, Kiriakidis (2008), main findings showed that these young male adolescents in custody have increased suicide rates than those not in custody. Those adolescents who had increased rates of suicide also had increased rates of being bullied along with being a violent offender (Kiriakidis, 2008).

Kiriakidis, S. P. (2008). Bullying and suicide attempts among adolescents kept in custodyCrisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention29, 216-218. doi:10.1027/0227-5910.29.4.216


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