No More Breakups via Text Message.

In today’s generation technology is a major thing and plays a huge role in the way we communicate, so much so that it has begun to take away from the value of face to face interaction and communication. Breakups are never easy to begin with, but if you truly care about someone and respect the relationship that you two had then they deserve a face to face conservation. Breakups can really effect a person, especially if this breakup is unexpected on their part, but what will absolutely make that worst is receiving it by text. Which can be very impersonal, cold, and heartbreaking. Even if texting them eliminates confrontation, and awkwardness, you have to think about both parties not just yourself. Be considerate of the other person’s feelings, and just deal with the fact that breakups can be awkward but a face to face conversation is the best thing for both sides. Taking the easy way out, is not at all the best option in this case, you want the other person to know that you loved or cared for them enough to talk to them about why this isn’t working so that you can both move on. Bad breakups can really damage a person’s self-worth and the way they view themselves. So, a little awkwardness is well worth it.

Here is an article that has stories of people who actually were broken up with through text, how people feel about breakups via text message, and why it’s never a good idea to break up with someone through text message. Link below:


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