Parents Accepting Trans Children

Here’s a video that sheds some of the positive affects of parents accepting their trans children. In the video it states that the rate of suicide of trans kids that are rejected by their families is 58%, whereas if they are accepted by their families it drops down to 4%. Definitely a nice video to end the week with!



  1. I loved this video Kim, I think it is so rare to see a video about the good that accepting your kids can do. It can actually save their lives. The media and the news gets so caught up in the bad stories and telling the tragedy that it is nice to see that there is acceptance and peace in this world through this family.

  2. This was one of the most powerful positive videos i’ve ever seen. The media portrays the negative end of how people react to someone who wants to transition. I also liked how it wasn’t just the kids who were in the process of changing genders in the video but also the parents. There was more than one supportive parents which really made this video that much better.

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