I had a Developmental Delay

In my previous post, I asked if anyone had a developmental delay as a child. I asked this question because I grew up with a developmental delay.

I was born premature, mostly likely because my mom was carrying twins at the time and we were at risk throughout her whole pregnancy. Even as newborns, my twin sister and I went through developmental therapy. Even though we were able to “catch up”, we both faced other obstacles. By the time we were toddlers, my twin sister was not able to walk and I did not say a word. I had a speech impediment and my twin sister lacked gross motor skills. My twin went to physical therapy so she was able to walk on her own. At three years old, I started to go to school and I met with a speech therapist while I went to school during the day. At first, I thought it was day care because I spent most of the day playing and eating snacks with my friends. I didn’t know I had a delay until I was going through old notebooks.

Everyday after school, I was sent home with a notebook which the teacher or therapist were able to let my parents know about my progress at school. Reading through it, I didn’t know that I went from not saying a word to non-stop talking. It also had me thinking how soon my parents were able to find help for me. They knew that there was something wrong and with a language barrier they were able to get me the help that I needed. With early detection, I was able to get the therapy I needed to enroll in school on time.

This is one of the reasons why I chose this topic. It is something I’ve dealt with and know many people who do so.


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