Tips for Parents (Or Babysitters)

This footage is from 2014 and tells how important it is for parents to keep an eye on their children for any signs of them developing a developmental delay. It is better to detect a delay sooner than later. The sooner the symptoms of a delays is visible, the sooner it can be treated. There is nothing wrong with children with a delay, it proves how they are able to live with his/her delay or overcome the developmental delay.


1 Comment

  1. I love this video! It really shows how children with delays can function normally. I am someone who suffers from a delay so I know what it was like when I was younger always wondering what others thought and being embarrassed. For a long time I was mad at my parents for getting me help because I thought there was nothing wrong, but now I am so greatful. Because I got help when I was younger I am able to function and learn properly as an adult!

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