Animal consciousness

The human mind is a wonder of wisdom and amazement.  We are able to analyze, record and relay information with the use of your brain.  But what makes our mind so much greater than an animal’s?  What is the difference between our way of thinking and an animal’s?  I’ve always believed the one thing that truly set us apart from any other species is our brain functioning.  Our mind is capable of doing great things unlike animals.  Part of the reason why I’ve been thinking about this is because I have a cat at my house at school and all we do is tease him with a laser pointer.  It is the cutest thing in the world, but if you take a second a realize it is actually kind of sad; the cat will never get the laser, but he has no idea there is no chance of him getting it.  He physically cannot understand that the laser is just an image and not a physical being that he can catch.  Many animals can not comprehend such things.

check out this video of animals in the mirror:


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