Intervention is one of the most popular shows on television that depict various cases of drug abuse and mental health. Dual diagnosis is in just about every episode of Intervention. I believe this is one of the best forms of media that depicts mental health in its truest form. Since its reality television and has little outside influence, the events that are shown are real. It’s an objective insight into how mental health and drug abuse effect someone. Personally, Intervention has changed my perspective on people with a drug addiction. Prior to this, I would assume that drug addiction is the fault of the addict and they could make a choice to stop if they really wanted to. After seeing Intervention, it makes it very clear that these people are desperate for change, but are really just too afraid of what may happen if they stop doing drugs. It’s extremely scary for them to face the physical pain and the emotional pain.

Do you think Intervention helps or hurts the stigma against drug addiction and mental health?


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