Abnormal psych

With researching this topic and my own personal experiences in observation is reminded me so much of abnormal psychology course I took a few semesters ago. Abnormal psychology studies unusual patterns in behaviors, emotions and thoughts of an individual. Abnormal behaviors, emotions and thoughts are often misunderstood or people just do not understand.  From my own personal job experience a lot of companies who support individuals with intellectual, mental and physical disabilities like to refer to abnormal as an disorder. One thing question that always pop in my head is what is Normal? I only ask that because what is the Norm for me might not be the norm for other individuals who experience certain behaviors, emotions and thought? So how do researchers categorize someone as being abnormal ? For example it may be normal for a parent to become emotional when their child is misbehaving and parents does not extend any punishment. However, that is not normal to me because my parents always taught me there is a consequences when making bad decisions or performing wrongfully.


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