How placebos work


Sorry for posting two placebo videos in a row. Recently I have been very interested in the way placebos work. If the belief of a medicine can positively effect you, even if the medicine is a placebo, then are we able to control our health? Personally I have had eating issues in which it is hard for me to finish meals and I just fill up extremely fast after just a few bites. I have been to doctors and asked all over and yet I have not come to a clear conclusion of what is wrong with my stomach. I have started to think about how our body reacts to the way we think and I try to change my way of thinking; for intense, now when I feel myself getting full I have almost trained my mind to believe that deep breathes, in threw the nose and out threw the mouth, will calm and relax my stomach allowing me to digest my food better and eat more. My stomach issues have been going on for about two years now and it has been a struggle back and forth trying to eat and trying different medicines to help me eat, but so far the only thing that has helped me is the belief in deep breathing.  I like the idea that by changing our way of thinking, we can change our health or how we feel.


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