Art and Wellness

Art and Wellness

      It is human nature to want to connect to others. What is amazing about life is that there are so many ways in which we can accomplish this connection and express ourselves. One of the most frequent forms of self-expression is art. Art is all around us; whether it be paintings, statues or less traditional forms, such as: street art or photography. There are even art practices that we can take part in to alleviate stress and bring fulfillment to our lives. Try to think of a time when you did something artistic. Maybe you colored, went to a pottery class, or drew a picture. How did you feel? Were you relaxed? Did you feel a sense of calmness? When I am drawing, decorating a cake, or working on the latest Pinterest DIY, I zone out. It is as if all of my worries and thoughts leave my mind. Sometimes we need that. The world can be so chaotic and hectic it can be difficult to turn our brains off for a minute. Art offers us that opportunity to feel at peace. That is why art is so important to our wellness.



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  1. I can really relate to this post! I think art has a huge role in wellness especially mental health! It allows you to freely express yourself while completely clearing your mind. I have an adult coloring book that i use when I’m stressed! It is one the best purchases I have ever made !

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