Suicidal Feelings Interferes With Help-Seeking in Bullied Adolescents

Kitagawa, Shimodera, Togo, Okazaki, Nishida, and Sasaki (2014), conducted a correlational study examining adolescents who have been bullied whether their suicidal feelings interferes with seeking for help. The participants were nine thousand four hundred eighty-four Japanese adolescents between the ages of 15 to 18 years-old. They were studied by a self-report questionnaire. Some of the questions involved suicidal feelings, bullying and victimization, seeking for help, and demographic characteristics (Kitagawa et al., 2014). This study showed that the adolescents who were bullied looked for help was higher than those who were the bullies or uninvolved. The adolescents who also had mild suicidal ideations looked for help as well more so than those who had serious suicidal feelings (Kitagawa et al., 2014). There were also some adolescents that had suicidal thoughts but it decreased their desire to look for help. This decrease is substantial in looking for help from their family members and friends, which are normally adolescents main source of support, when they had serious suicidal feelings (Kitagawa et al., 2014).

Kitagawa, Y., Shimodera, S., Togo, F., Okazaki, Y., Nishida, A., & Sasaki, T. (2014). Suicidal feelings interferes with help-seeking in bullied adolescentsPlos ONE9


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