Message framing: Persuasion tactics

I would like to take this post to inform everyone of some important factors that should be considered with every advertisement, article, or public message. Some common tactics include, but are not limited to:


The most effective media messages are placed at the right time, right place, with the right message. For example, a McDonald’s commercial placed in between popular children television shows depicting the toys that come with a happy meal, or hair products advertised during the commercial break of a drama television show. By examining the placement of a media message, you can understand who the advertiser is target-marketing and for what purpose.


Media messages are often phrased in terms of either positive or negative, gain or loss. For example, a politician may air a negatively framed message about his competition, or marijuana may be called a drug, or plant, in order to promote a negative, or positive message. When viewing such messages, take the initiative to view the other side of the story to get a better understanding of how to form your opinion.


The words within the message can be a good indicator of the communicator’s standpoint. They can be a good indicator for biased opinions and whether a source is reliable or not.


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