Dance therapy and abuse/trauma victims

The article below looks into victims of trauma, child abuse, and assault and how turning to alternative therapies such as dance have opened up their mind and body after going through a rough time. As stated in the article, during times of abuse and trauma, patients’ worlds’ are shattered. They deal with neglect, attachment issues, and feelings of helplessness and terror. For the rest of these patient’s lives, the traumatic experiences stay with them, no matter what types of therapy is explored.

Therapy is set to give individuals a stable outlook on life and to help them cope with problems such as trauma and abuse. Dance therapy is a great alternative therapy which incorporates all parts of the mind and body and addresses treatment to suit troubled souls. Outside of just nurturing the mind and body, movement therapy provides support and freedom of choice to be who you want to be — which in times of trauma and crisis, is usually taken away.

“Gaining access to one’s creativity, core vitality and personal power develops increased self – acceptance, and encourages compassion and empathy with others (Hugill, 2017)”.

This quote by the author explains that movement therapy is not just for the mind and body, but also for improving one’s creativity and feelings of power and open mindedness.



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