Media Portrayal and Stigma

I came across this article and thought it did a good job of explaining how the media’s portrayal of mental illness leads to societies stigma towards it. Just like we saw in the psychopathology video this week, mental illness does not follow a set of rules. Mental illness has no particular face, gender, personality or characteristics. For example, Someone with OCD may have tendencies towards repetitive behaviors and obsessive cleaning. For Dan in the video, the only way the professionals were able to tell was a small bit of information that he gave on how he felt clean after he was able to wash up properly. Even then, the professionals were still not 100% sure he had OCD. Then the woman they believed had no mental illness, they were completely wrong. The media pushes a certain look, a certain set of traits, a certain set of characteristics, etc. for those with mental illness, but mental illness effects each person differently. Characterizing all people with a mental illness under the same umbrella is detrimental to the way society treats and looks at mental health.


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